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Contest Update!

Many thanks to those who suggested names for our new chocolate bar line.  We received 175 entries.  And the winner is ...... CocoQuintets!
1st Place:  Cast of Quintets - Max (64 piece box of chocolate)
2nd Place:  Fivers - Faith  (32 piece box of chocolate)
3rd Place:  Break It Bar - Angela  (24 piece box of chocolate)
3rd Place:  Flirts - Georgeann  (24 piece box of chocolate)
3rd Place:  Bar-ettes - Ernie  (24 piece box of chocolate)
We'll be launching our KickStarter campaign in the next few weeks to raise funds for more CocoQuintet molds so that we'll have them ready for you in Autumn!

Upcoming Events and Mini Pieces!

We've updated our events page; be sure to check back often to see where we'll be next!

And you can now buy MINI's !!  Select 'Minis' to get 3 little treasures in place of each full size piece. An 8-piece box will have 24 pieces once we substitute the min's in; a 12-piece box "grows" into 36 mini pieces.  Check out any of our chocolate boxes to order mini pieces!

Brand new website!

It's been a long time coming, but we finally have a new look for our website!

You can now order chocolates online!  Check out our featured items on the left, or browse all of our available items by clicking 'Chocolate!' above.


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